SampleCat is a program for cataloguing and auditioning audio samples.

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SampleCat is available under the GNU General Public License and runs mainly on GNU/Linux systems. It is written in C and uses the GTK graphics library. MySql and Sqlite can be used for the database.

Currently, basic functionality is in place and believed to be fully working.


20200901: Version 0.3.1. Many minor fixes. Updates for changes to Pango API.

20190920: Version 0.3.0. Added new tarball. Many many minor fixes.

20150325: Version 0.2.4. Added new tarball. This includes the new layout management, improvements to the waveform display, and many bugfixes. Thanks to everyone who contributed towards testing.

20140525: Window panels can now be managed with standard docking behaviour. Layouts can be loaded and saved. This is now reasonably complete and a long overdue tarball release will be offered if people consider it to be stable.



If you are not a developer it is recommended to use the stable tarball. Building should be entirely standard (untar, configure, make, make install).

If you are a developer you will want to use the git repository directly.

You should update the submodules following a git pull:

    git submodule update

Dependencies: gtk+2, jack, libsndfile and/or ffmpeg, dbus.

Optional dependencies: mysqlclient, sqlite, ayyi_auditioner, fftw, libass.